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A New Way of Working:
NextGen Work

Today a growing number of people are opting for alternative models over traditional, full-time, permanent roles. Part-time, contingent, contract, temporary, freelance, independent contractor, on-demand online and platform working are on the rise. Businesses and people want choice, flexibility and alternative ways of working that build resilience for less predictable futures.

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Companies want workforce solutions that find them the best talent when business models and skills needs are changing faster than ever. People want opportunities to develop in-demand skills that will keep them employable for this job and the next, and they want workstyles that better balance caring responsibilities, upskilling and reskilling. This is how more people are choosing to work. This is NextGen Work.

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Who in the world is
choosing nextgen work?

Countries with a higher proportion of younger workers are more inclined to do NextGen Work, in particular younger Millennials (ages 18-24). Emerging markets are most open to NextGen Work: India and Mexico are leading the way with 97% of people open to freelance, contract, temporary or independent contractor work.

NextGen Workers
NextGen Work statistics by country

Reasons people choose nextgen work

NextGen Work allows people to supplement incomes over the short-term, provides freedom to explore different roles and develop in-demand skills to be more employable over the long-term. People can also control where, when and how they work, reducing stress and allowing flexibility for Life Work Balance.

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